The demo is currently not working, we will look at options for a new demo store. Please contact us if you like to test or have any questions about our plugins.

Consortia is a WooCommerce partner and have several popular plugins listed on, here you can test them. When you press the launch demo button – please wait some seconds for the demo to be created. You can use the demo for 1.hour. The demos include sample data to use in you tests. See extension documentation here. View and purchase at WooCommerce.

Use the launch demo button. After entering your name and e-mail, a list will show the actions: Visit | Admin | Delete. Select Admin to test the plugins!

Please note: we only sell our plugins on If you find our extensions elsewhere, you should be careful, they can be modified with malicious software !!

Using Elementor and WooCommerce?

Make your WooCommerce store stand out with Essential E-Commerce for Elementor. This intuitive Elementor plugin allows you to easily customize every aspect of your product pages, from the layout to the pricing and beyond. With advanced query options, dynamic content fields, and powerful sales triggers, Essential E-Commerce has everything you need to take your e-commerce game to the next level.